Green Perfumes

9 x 1 ml
Notes cut grass galbanum green leaves mandarin leaves mastic neroli sugi leaves sweet peas tomato leaves wasabi accord

This sample pack is an anthology of green.

Try perfumes with notes and materials that remind you of snapping succulent stalks of the first spring bloomers, or new green grass, fragrant tomato leaves, or even of chopping cucumbers.

The key green materials are: lentisque (mastique) and galbanum resins, fir balsam, linden, neroli among the naturals. Also there are many molecules that smell green and are identical to what, say, grass emits when cut, but perfumers synthesize these molecules rather than go and squeeze the grass. Perfumers can use these options individually as the focus of the perfume or blend them in big complex arrangements to take you to the garden of Eden or Ceylon jungle, for example.

The perfumes below represent most of the key green options and degrees of complexity.

Read about why these perfumes are in the green edit here.

9 x 1 ml 

1. The Soft Lawn (Imaginary Authors) 

2. Aube Pashmina (Huitième Art)

3. Elephant (Zoologist) 

4.  Gardens of Temptation | Tenderness (Brocard)

5.  Eau Simple de Concombre (Phaedon)   

6.  Panorama (Olfactive Studio)

7. PG24 Papyrus de Ciane (Parfumerie Générale)

8.  Pure Azure (Phaedon)

9.  Lentisque (Phaedon)     


Some quick math: if purchased separately the total price for these 9 samples would be £19. This pack costs £15   As part of the yearly subscription this same pack would have been only around £10 (with no shipping cost and 10% discount code for full size purchases). Whichever way you add it up, that’s a bargain.

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