How You Love

Honeyed Flowers
Notes beeswax cardamom grapefruit honey Indian jasmine musk rose sandalwood

Inspiration: smooth jazz, soul, R&B and adult contemporary.

Inspired by Sade’s ‘It’s Only Love That Gets You Through’ and the lyric: “Girl, you are rich, even with nothing. And you know that tenderness comes, from the pain”, How You Love starts with a trussed herbal note of waxy cardamom; an unusual opening that's lightly bolstered with grapefruit before it blossoms into a golden heart of honeyed Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine.

Evoking Sade’s soulful, humble lower octave voice with musk, sandalwood and beeswax How You Love leaves an almost chocolate rich impression.

Sade's Only Love Gets You Through on YouTube


(!) Now comes in a super cute travel-friendly 10ml vial too.


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