XXX Lip Plump is a nourishing tinted gloss with a lasting plumping effect (its instant powerful moisturizing properties help to maintain fabulous fullness over time). 

The shades are named after the bees favorite flowers: clover, heather and acacia (a nod to the comfy waxy non-sticky texture of the product) and triple X stand for the three core clever ingredients  which provide the lasting moisturizing effect (the plant-derived Volulip compound,  extract of portulaca and natural matrikine peptides). 

Volulip stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (which helps to retain moisture). There's also Signaline, a combination of jojoba wax and olive oil extract to slow down age-related changes. While the antioxidant properties of vitamin E acetate help to protect, soothe and moisturize. Great deal of work went into developing the non-sticky soft texture. Rouge Bunny Rouge carefully selected film-forming agents, gelling oils and emollients for the comfy smooth feel. 

Paraben and fragrance free, this high-performance XXX Lip Plump makes lips healthily moisturized, looking full and bright, whole feeling incredibly comfy.