SWELL BLISS XXX Lip Plump immediately volumises lips while enabling a long-lasting beauty. The rich, shiny gloss encourages a slow and comfortably swell, defining while pluming and bequeathing lips with the ability to store water, so a fabulous fullness is maintained over time. One of the alluringly shimmering shades, named after the bees discriminate choice of pollen-flowers, swept over lips will bequeath an amplified beauty designed to set you apart from the crowd. Our formula is as equally cherished, known only as "triple-x", so keep the secret safe; cosmetic surgeons who were never allowed in the garden will do anything to stop this Lip Plump becoming the latest beauty buzz!

This unique formula coats lips with a strong, protective film that brings light and colour, an outstanding shiny brilliance and immediately plumps. The plant-derived active Volulip is as effective as the components in lip-swelling injections and produces a rich, prolonged volume. Containing a plant portulaca "Kiss-Me-Quick" extract, blended with a natural matrikine modified peptide mimetic, Volulip stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. By working to increase cellular energy anti-ageing Signaline, a combination of jojoba wax and olive oil extract, counteracts age-related changes. While the antioxidant properties of vitamin E acetate help protect, soothe and moisturise. Working together, film-forming agents, gelling oils and emollients make the texture very soft and fluffy without feeling sticky and give a "Light Interference" effect. Paraben and fragrance free, this high-performance XXX Lip Plump also ensures lips look super glossy and feel incredibly comfortable.