Rouge Bunny Rouge’s semi-translucent foundations have a light gel texture. They're packed with lab invented elements that shield the skin from pollution such as detoxyl, a powerful ingredient to keep urban elements at bay; and botanicals including bamboo to condition, smooth and repair the skin; shea butter aids nourishment; panthenol helps provide efficient hydration, cell regeneration and skin balance; and Egyptian lotus and white water lily extracts protect, soften and provide defence from metropolitan pollutants.

 Shades vary from the lightest pale pink beige to the darkest tawny beige.

073 Macadamina (new and to eventually replace 027 Hazelnut): warm medium beige with very soft rose-gold undertones.

040 Coconut: milky-pale pink beige.

071 Pecan: light beige with soft pink undertones (for a healthy freshness, ideal for fair skin tones with rose undertones).

026 Chestnut: warm, pale ochre beige.

028 Cashew: medium, warm olive beige.

072 Walnut (new and to eventually replace 025 Hazelnut): pure neutral beige ivory

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