Nebbia Spessa

Notes dew rain drops sea spray seaweed

Spessa (deep) is a fantasy of fog over the surface of an ocean. A cool, marine blend of materials representing sea foam, droplets of fog and sea grass. Voluminous and clean.


The Sniff on Unum's Nebbia Spessa: "Spessa starts with a blast of damp, salty sea air. It’s bracing, fresh; a cold, deserted beach after a high tide when the waves have washed ribbons of kelp on to the shore. You can practically smell the colours of this scent: muted blues, grays and the darker, oily greens of the seaweed ... This has to be one of the most forcefully powerful scents that we have reviewed so far. Yes, you might have to file it on the ‘challenging’ shelf, but at the same time it oozes this sense of personality and sureness in itself. It is very unapologetic for what it is, and that’s something that it is easy to respond to....The longevity of this scent is insane. It lasts and lasts and lasts." Read full review.

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