by Frapin
Dark Romantic Rose
Top Notes aldehydes black pepper florazone nutmeg
Heart centifolia rose Damask rose
Base Notes amber Atlas cedar saffron

Frapin's Nevermore is a dark romantic rose, inspired by The Raven a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.  The Raven is narrated by a figure who calls for his lost love, only to be taunted by a solitary raven that haunts him retorting 'Nevermore'. 

The perfume’s concept also refers the enigmatic Poe Toaster who in 1949 began visiting the poet's grave on the anniversary of his birthday.  In what became a yearly ritual, the figure would raise a toast of cognac, leave the bottle on Poe's grave along with some roses, only to disappear wordlessly. 

Much like the Poe Toaster, Nevermore is shrouded in mysterious apprehensive opening with sharp aldehydes that lightly dance across the spicy duo of black pepper and nutmeg. 

 Sweet Rose de Mai and damask rose blend seamlessly to create a distinctly deep and gothic rose, suffused with black fruity notes of wine and metallic saffron. 

 Cloaked in amber and cedar, the echo of rose haunts and lingers.


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