Pear & Pink Pepper Lip Balm

by 22 | 11
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A nourishing and volumising lip balm enriched with pink pepper extract and scented with delicious pear. The balm has a smoothing effect and contains capsaicin (a molecule naturally occurring in hot peppers) which enhances blood circulation. Lips naturally get more colour and look fuller.

The balm also contains amino acids and oligopeptides to help the production of collagen and elastin which are the keepers of skin youth. The wild pear extract is full of vitamins and other natural elements to provide care and a natural glossy effect, to smoothen and nourish. The essential oils used bring freshness.

As with all 22|11 products this lip balm is organic and made from ethically sourced materials. Even the tube packaging is made from recycled aluminium.

INGREDIENTS: almond oil, wild pear extract, castoreum oil, vitamin E, mulberry oil, apricot oil, pink pepper extract, lemongrass, oligopeptides


Eco friendly, packed in recyclable aluminium. 

Made with certified organic ingredients.

EAC (Eurasian conformity). This product is not tested on animals.

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