RUDIS by Nobile 1942

The scent of battle. 

"Rudis" represented both the beginning and the ultimate goal of the life and career of a gladiator. It was a tool, but also a symbol, it did not harm, but offered relief.

Rudis, the perfume, reflects that journey of a gladiator from slave to a freeman. The scent of fermented fruits and the remains of pressed grapes (marc) represent the rich wines consumed before a battle. A powerful rose-geranium accord paired with leather and saffron intensifies this further by introducing a metallic quality, vividly envisioning the blood spilled during a fight. Blood stained cedar wood is met by patchouli, vetiver and incense in the base. The addition of immortelle completes the gladiator’s journey from struggle to eventual freedom with surprising serenity.

The exquisite bottle and seamless deep red leather case are all hand finished in Italy, a true statement of the brand’s dedication to the finest craftsmanship.