AEON 001 by Bogue Profumo

A side project collaboration for AEON, but still every molecule Bogue. 

A vetiver like no other. The first release from Aeon Perfume aims to challenge our perceptions of what a vetiver fragrance should be, and we have to say, they have succeeded!
Despite being a vetiver fragrance, Aeon 001 is not dominated by the grassy note, nor is it obviously typical of it's earthy, smokey or nutty characteristics. Here, vetiver is blended with white flowers, spices, honey, a touch of smoke and a translucent layer of glowing resins. The honey and resins create a thick, smooth texture, dripping with animalic allure.
Aeon 001 changes on the skin throughout it's particularly long lifespan, gradually presenting it's many different shades of light and dark, floral and resinous, sweet and leathery. Aeon 001 will constantly surprise and intrigue.
At Bloom, you will find the last remaining bottles of this unique collector's item, limited to only 333 numbered, handcrafted pieces.

Luca Turin on Aeon 001 "... the best vetiver in a long time..."