Ghost House by Anna Zworykina

Ghost House is a story told with smells: an old mansion, its massive library, squeaky wooden floors and spiral staircases. Wind gets in through a broken panel in the window and flips the pages of a book. The garden is overtaken by briar.

On a sunny day Ghost House smells of everything you might find in a painter’s workshop: paint, tar, wood shavings. On a rainy day it smells of old wooden cabinets and books that keep them company and … roses. 

Anna's blends are more like smell experiences or perfume escapes, pure fun for connoisseurs looking for something beyond perfumes created with the help of modern synthetic materials.

Being natural only blends, the perfumes have a very peculiar projection: close to skin, quiet but excitingly complex upon a closer sniff. 

(!) Please be aware that natural perfumery has to be patch tested before continual wear.