Behind The Rain by Paul Schütze

Much like it’s name suggests, Behind The Rain is the smell of bloom on damaged trees that have been freshly disturbed, tussled and bruised after the stresses of an unannounced storm. It’s been created to capture the olfactory experience of that precise moment when, after being caught in a sudden and violent rainstorm on some Aegean island, the sun returns and warms up the waves of leafy and sap like smells that pour down through the overhead shelter of a clutch of conifer trees.

With an incredibly distinct and almost plum tinted resinous note, Behind The Rain immediately feels luxurious, enriched and refined. It’s certainly a full bodied fragrance from the get go with it’s elements of patchouli, fennel and linden trees but the moss and vetiver in it’s base really encapsulate that wet, earthen aspect wonderfully. It’s grapefruit, black pepper and frankincense notes offer welcome shades of fruit, spice and greenery respectively.