Scheherazade | Шахерезада

Musky Floral
by Brocard
Scheherazade | Шахерезада by Brocard

Named for the legendary queen and the storyteller in One Thousand & One Nights, Scheherazade is essentially a sweet and fresh floral EdP composition given a hint of spicy depth. 

The queen outlived all of her predecessors by placating the tyrant king's hankering for vivid stories. She was reportedly incredibly well read, poetic and pretty and like it's namesake, Scheherazade might seem quite straightforward on the surface of things with the apricot and almond giving a bittersweetness to the floral heart of osmanthus, violet, jasmin and rose but there's subtle complexities at play within the fragrance as the coriander, pepper, patchouli and vanilla are used to add depth and seasoning.