ELLA by Arquiste

Inspired by the idea of a decadent encounter on the dancefloor of a nightclub in the glamorous jet-set Acapulco of the late 1970s, ELLA (and it’s masculine companion piece, ÉL) hark back to a time when hedonism was rife and to a climate where long, drawn out sun soaked days turn into adventurous nights.


Typically defined as a perfume with a citrus opening, a labdanum heart and a musky oak moss base, the chypre accord is, frankly, the stuff of legend and Arquiste’s ELLA aims to take that classic structure and ramp up the idea of a vivid sexual attraction by making it more animalistic. The civet, ambergris and the accord of cigarette smoke in the base provide that very human aspect in spades when the fragrances dries down, but what really characterises the scent are it’s floral aspects. With the use of Turkish rose, jasmin absolute, curupita, angelica root and carrot seed there’s a delicate balance that manages to smell light and sweet and yet seedy all at the same time. 


Persolaise on Ella in 'How 70s is Your Scent' in Sunday Times:

"A bold, assertive dose of honey and woods wrapped in mosses."