Queen of Spades Modern | Пиковая Дама Modern

Fruity Woody
by Brocard
Queen of Spades Modern | Пиковая Дама  Modern by Brocard

With the ribbed vessel of Modern Classic Noir clad in it’s matt black paint, the body of the bottle looks an almost rubber texture, a fact which proves to be the first sign that the juice contained inside will be a little darker and a lot seedier than it’s rather brisk companion Modern Classic. Built around a similarly gourmand accord, Noir puts the focus squarely on it’s hyper sweetened black cherry and almond, which doesn’t smell as bakewell tart-ish as it sounds. Using rose and a pinch of licorice in the heart gives it a subtle spice and the perfume’s base of patchouli, musks and vanilla rounds out the edible aspects nicely.

The nose for this perfume is Florent Jubert.