Queen of Spades Modern | Пиковая Дама Modern

Fruity Woody
by Brocard
Queen of Spades Modern | Пиковая Дама  Modern by Brocard

Creatively inspired by Alexander Pushkin's short story of the same name, Queen of Spades is a perfume that intended to hint at the emotional melodrama involved in the plot and at the intricacy of the subconscious worlds unknown it contains therein. This ‘modern’ version plays with the original perfume’s white floral heart and citrus combination but - much like the juice’s colour, which is a deep navy blue - it’s darker, infused with the earthen elements of patchouli.

Created by Florent Jubert the modern twist in this iteration of The Queens Of Spades composition is mango, which when, combined with the vanilla and the marshmallow accord in the base lends a very edible, gourmand edge to the perfume.