1697 by Frapin

 Named after the inaugural year in which the Frapin company received the coat of arms from Louis XV, 1697 is a regal and bold fragrance.

Created by Bertrand Duchaufour, 1697 opens with scents of a cask of rum and cognac, heady and full bodied. Cabreuva wood,davana and cistus lead with a lingering spicy rum note that develops around a dark bouquet of jasmine sambac, rose, ylang-ylang, clove and dried fruits.

A distinctive and an incomparable fragrance, 1697 finishes with patchouli, ambergris, tonka bean and vanilla which enhance and heighten the impression of cognac soaked wood. A majestic scent, one that truly captures the character of Frapin. 

With 1697 Monsieur Duchafour pays tribute a phenomenon that cognac makers call  Share of the Angels or 'La part des anges'.  It's a natural part of the cognac maturation and aging process. Overtime a small percentage of the alcohol evaporates, helping to smooth and intensify the flavour. This mysterious occurrence was originally believed the angels taking their share of the alcohol in exchange for watching over the alcohol.