PG2.1 Cozé Verdé by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume

A fresh and green variation of the classical PG02 Cozé.

A radical rewriting of a formula launched 10 years ago. The tobacco leaf of the core accord goes green with the cool vegetal freshness of lime and fig tree sap. Liquorice brings a spicy touch while pepper and pimiento are toned down.
The heart notes of patchouli and Indian hemp blended with coffee and cocoa have been lightened, or can we say, have become more elegant?
The base notes are now streamlined and mineral, with salicylates and dry woods replacing the vanilla pods.

All in all, the perfume is like a memory of leather cushions and precious woods of a British gentlemen’s club fit-out which visited whole someone is lazing around on a beach in Panama.