PG16.1 Bois Naufragé by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume

Also part of the Fruity Perfumes Edit&Sample pack.

The bestselling Bois Naufrage is back as PG16.1 in exactly the same formulation.

Inspired by a Lucien Clergue photograph entitled Naked in Driftwood, Bois Naufrage is a tender and sensuous scent.

Egyptian fig (carob), sea salt, vetiver and ambergris tangle and intertwine creating a luminous scent that whispers, inviting you closer. 

 Bois Naufrage is French for  driftwood  so the all the woody notes in the formula are intentionally given washed, salty and very smooth feel.

A woody, mineral fougere is the scent of halcyon days. 

The Sniff on Bois Naufrage: "My honest to goodness notes for what this perfume smells of include “breezes off the sea, playful, sensual, naked skin, light woods”. In other words, it smells exactly like you would imagine from that picture. And that’s really, really clever!" Read more.