Tara Mantra

Bitter Woods
by Gri Gri
Tara Mantra by Gri Gri

All of Gri Gri perfumes are inspired by some tattoo technique. Tara Mantra is a reference to sacred Buddhist calligraphy on skin when ink becomes continuous mantra prayer. 

The perfume is a dry oud with a salty nuance and lots of bitter herbs or if you go with the concept the tangy aroma of the darkest of inks.


The Sniff on Tara Mantra: "The heart of this perfume is almost the diametric opposite of ‘airy’; it’s a close perfume, curtains drawn, incense-smoke thickening the air, lava lamp in the corner type smell. It’s friends probably ride motorbikes and have chains attached to their wallets. It’s broody and animalistic at times with a musky, dark heart."  Read full review...