Wabi-Sabi Fougere
by Gri Gri

Top Notes


Base Notes

Ukiyo-E by Gri Gri

All of Gri Gri perfumes are inspired by some tattoo technique.  In Ukiyo-E it’s colorful outlaw Yakuza carps and dragons (originally dating back to absolutely legitimate Samurai tattoo patterns).

The perfume is a woody herbaceous formula with lots of olfactory references to Japan: from genmaicha (green tea with caramel smelling popped-rice) to colorful blossom of the exotic dalphne and ashibi trees. In a way Ukiyo-E is a wabi-sabi fougere.

Top notes: genmaicha, yuzu, spikenard;

heart: dalphne (Spurge laurels), green tea;

base: sakura-ashibi (Pieris japonica)