Oudh Infini by Dusita

A perfume seriously loaded with a strong animalic prowess. You can almost hear this formula nicker at you.

The precious blend features some of the most potent and rich materials in perfumery such as real Laotian oud, the centifolia rose (that rare variety picked only in May in the south of France in Grasse), Tunisian orange blossom absolute, Mysore sandalwood and Madagascan vanilla among others.

The perfumer chose materials with a strong animalic edge as homage to the infinite cycle of life on Earth. Pissara Umavijani considered Indian and Thai ouds, before settling on oud from Laos as in her own words “it’s like a wild animal”.

Oudh Infini smells both shockingly feral and indolic and at the same time it is a beautiful larger than life spicy rose you can almost touch. The logic of this perfume is similar to that of life itself: a yin-yang of scary and beautiful, decay and new life, corporeal and spiritual.