Vetiver talking to Oakmoss
by Dusita
Issara by Dusita

Issara is a beautiful vetiver with olfactory hints to the plant’s past as green grass somewhere in humid tropics. The ‘vetiver memories’ effect has been created with the help of a vintage note of coumarin (often disguised as hay in the description) to highlight both the smoky and cool licorice nuances of Bourbon vetiver.

The overall character of Issara is transparent cool woody. There’s licorice vetiver from the Reunion Island in the heart of the perfume, dry oakmoss in the base and finally there’s smooth voluminous natural ambergris encasing the rest formula in a salty fresh cloud. 

The name is related to perfumer’s own name (Pissara) but the reason is of sentimental sort not egoistic. It’s a reference to the memory of her father, who was a poet and chose a beautiful name for her.  Moreover, the formula of Issara is a retro fougere, and in perfumery it’s almost an archetypal reference to a mature man.   

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