A unique spicy gourmand perfume that celebrates the vibrancy and charming character of the El Born district of Barcelona. 

Distinctly Mediterranean notes of Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and balmy honey, lead you on a trail through the winding cobbled stone streets of El Born, whilst angelica root adds a contrasting herbal and cooling licorice accord.

An eclectic mix of old bookshops, galleries, wine bars and pastelerías sit nestled among tall buildings. Balconies, dotted with plants and flowers pay witness to Barcelona's rich history. A warm heart of benzoin, Egyptian jasmine, fig tree fruit and heliotrope invites you to sit and observe, soaking up the atmosphere as life slowly drifts by.

A cozy base of sandalwood, peru balm, vanilla and musk welcomes a warm twilight evening spent relaxing by the dramatic 13th Century church Santa Maria del Mar, watching over the lively scene of Barcelona's past, present and future mingling together.