Voix Humaine 8

Sweet and Dense
Voix Humaine 8 by UNUM

A beautiful perfume that perhaps could give future cyborgs a convincing human touch.

If you are a fan of the aesthetics of the worlds of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Alien and occasionally hum the Space Oddity tune – check this perfume out.

Voix Humaine could be an idealized scent of human skin, just enough indolic jasmine for the primates’ touch, sweet amber for sweat and vanilla for archetypal warmth of a mother.

The perfumer actually refers to the special harmony of ‘human voices’ one can produce with a church organ by pulling a lever marked ‘voix humaine’. As he is both a musician and a perfumer, according to his vision the Voix Humain perfume formula represents that music harmony.