Russian Princess | Русская Княжна

Black tea and forest berries infusion
by Brocard
Russian Princess | Русская Княжна by Brocard

Another work of Bertand Duchaufour for Brocard.

The concept of the perfume is full of references to fairy tales about beautiful smart princesses who knew magic and lived in enormous thick forests in the north of Russia well before modern states came about.

These northern forests and bogs were full of wild berries as well as magical creatures luring  travelers into the domains of the princesses. But in the Russian folk tradition the lady would usually welcome the guests, treat them to a meal and give directions for their quest.  

So the perfume is imaginary strong tea (brought by caravans from China and thus smoked to endure the long trip). This smoky tea is infused with exotic cloudberries, stone bramble, cranberries, guelder-rose berries for flavor and vitamins. Finally, the tea is served in the house built of ancient tree logs, layered with moss for insulation.

If Hayao Miyazakii could create olfactory Kalevala.