Plein Jeu III-V

Free Polyphony of Angels
Top Notes cedar moss sandalwood vetiver
Heart amber frankincense jasmine
Base Notes black pepper Calabrian lemon ginger mimosa

Plein Jeu (full chorus chord in organ music) is a sunny indolic jasmine, gooey and honeyed, flowing like lava alongside thick amber and generously spiced frankincense.

As it rolls, it is a beautiful jasmine at times and at times it  becomes sweet and herbaceous like curing hay or marihuana.

The Sniff on Plein Jeu III-IV: " [it] contains a lovely swaithe of jasmine in its heart, but it isn’t a typical floral at all. The jasmine is very rich and deep – not flightly white petals but a different beast entirely. It has an indolic quality which brings it much closer to the amber in the scent in tone and a thickness which gives substance and weight to the composition. The jasmine here has a piquancy about it, a little je ne sais quoi. The effect this brings is a little frisson of electricity; suddenly you’re no longer just sitting in a tranquil church, but now it’s a church where you fancy the preacher. It’s that raising-hairs effect that the jasmine brings, nice, but oh so naughty as well!"

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