Rozy EdP

Top Notes Damask rose passion fruit
Heart lilac peach
Base Notes honey sandalwood

For her 5th creation, Mme Vero Kern has taken inspiration from the 1955 film, The Rose Tattoo. Staring the arresting and magnetic Italian actress Anna Magnani, The Rose Tattoo is a story of tempestuous love and passion. 

Never one to shy away from sensuality, Vero has captured the spirit of Anna Magnani whilst exploring the contradictory nature of roses; a flower that is both virginal and carnal.

Rozy opens with bright voluptuous notes of peach and sweet and airy lilac. The suggestion of ripe fruit, adds another dimension of warmth and desire. Veiled by a golden haze of syrupy peach, a silken rose emerges. Vero's signature addition of passion fruit and honey gives an animalic twist to this not so innocent rose.

 Rose petals resting on a base of sandalwood, the rich light of Rozy slowly fades to powdery base that softly lingers. 

Not a rose scent, but rather a rosy scent, Rozy is fierce embrace that marks and brands your skin with scent, possessive; like a rose tattoo. 

 Rozy is also available as Voile d'Extrait

50 ml EdP
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