Naughty& Animalic Pack 2017 Update

Real materials and replicas
Naughty& Animalic Pack 2017 Update by Bloom Sample Packs

Certain perfume materials are very good at one thing, that is, reminding of sex. They smell of nakedness, they smell musky like warm skin, they smell raw like adrenaline.

Although the genuine animalic notes (castoreum, deer musk, civet) are no longer in the perfumer’s palette (with an exception of ambergris and exotic hyraceum) there are close synthetic alternatives which still do the job. Frankincense can easily be worked into being warm and naughty. Finally there are heady flowers rich in indoles, the ultimate chemical when it comes to naughtiness.

This pack (8 x 1 ml):

For ambergris try Rubj Voile d'Extrait (.vero.profumo.) 

For civet try Civet (Zoologist)

For leather try Rien (ELdO)

For hyraceum try MAAI  (Bogue Profumo)

For the Animalis base try PG81.1 L'Ombre Fauve  (Parfumerie Générale)

For castoreum try Beaver (Zoologist)

For beeswax try How You Love (Jasmin Sarai)

For costus try Bull's Blood (Imaginary Authors)