Unisex Perfume Bestsellers. 2017

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Unisex Perfume Bestsellers. 2017 by Bloom Sample Packs

Unisex perfume bestsellers. 2017

Bestselling formulas which had been most popular with both ladies and gents in 2017. As you will discover these perfumes fall into two major groups: soft neutral woods and balanced fresh citruses. All options are ultimately shareable and are free of any stereotypical gender markers: such as big floral notes, vanilla, or the classically masculine herbaceous or fougere accords. 

You or Someone Like You (ELDO)
Myrrhiad (Huiteme Art)
Pure Azure (Phaedon)
Falling Into the Sea (Imaginary Authors)
Civet (Zoologist)
Ottoman Amber (Merchant of Venice)
Fathom V (Beaufort)
PG19.1 Neroli ad Astra
1270 (Frapin)
Gin and Tonic (Art de Parfum)