Zest & Fizz Sample Pack

Sunny Citruses
Zest & Fizz Sample Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

To celebrate the dawn of summer we’re proud to present a batch of astoundingly fresh citrus fragrances that fizz with zest and excitement. From scents with bergamot and lemon tops to those built around accords of lime or yuzu these fragrances explore the wealth of instant gratification only a citrus note can bring.  

This sample pack is available as a standalone product and also was part of our year long subscription service.

6 x 1 ml EdP

PG09 Yuzu ab Irato (Parfumerie Generale)

PG09 is citrus balanced with herbal notes. The sharpness of the Japanese yuzu fruit pairs with the spearmint, thyme and calamu effortlessly, sitting atop a bouquet of white flowers and musk.

Still Life (Olfactive Studio)

With a range of peppers (black, pink and Szechuan) and spices sitting pretty underneath a sparkling yuzu opening Still Life twists the citrus genre with it’s wooden base and spicy heart built of rum, star anise and galbanum.

L’Etrog Acqua (Arquiste)

With mandarin, petitgrain and bergamot all making their presence known in the opening, L’Etrog Acqua is a diamond set amongst the dew dappled fields of southern Italy.

Esperedi Water (Merchant Of Venice)

Teaming orange and lemon with a powerful amber accord gives Merchant of Venice’s Esperedi Water a creamy punch. Seasoning the opening with pepper and thyme twists the citrus note in a quintessentially Italian way.

Gin & Tonic Cologne (Art De Parfum)

Don’t let the word cologne fool you, this fragrance is actually a highly concentrated extrait de parfum that astutely conjures up the refreshment and tart fruitiness of the drink from which it takes name.

Golden Chypre (Grossmith)

With its wonderful odorous celebration of bitter orange and bergamot in the top note, Grossmith’s Golden Chypre is a great example of one of citruses most classic of uses. With a heart of geranium, patchouli and vetiver the citrus splays it’s tendrils out into every aspect of the drydown.