Aqueous Florals Sample Pack

6 ready made and bespoke experiment
Aqueous Florals Sample Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

The unexpected sudden showers of Britain in the springtime mix up the scents of dewey rain and flowery pollen wonderfully, creating a kaleidoscope of naturally fresh aqueous floral scents in gardens throughout the land. This sample pack  is a perfect collection of  such perfumes (of 1.6ml samples) alongside K, a formula created by a customer in our bespoke fragrance laboratory who, by divine inspiration, hit upon a formula for the perfect lilac.


A sample of a bespoke perfume as mixed by a customer in our lab, a gorgeous accidental lilac.


these samples 


NEW PG10.1 Bouquet Massaï (Parfumerie Générale)

Amelia (Grossmith)


Neon Graffiti (Jazmin Saraï)

Putain des Palaces (Etat Libre d'Orange)


NEW Rue Des Lilas (Phaedon Paris)

Melkmeisje (Baruti)