Ambroxan Pack

Exploring the wonder perfume material
Ambroxan Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

6x1 ml, 1x1 ml


Ambroxan is an isolated ingredient that perfumers often refer to as a wonder molecule. It’s a natural ingredient that comes from clary sage and you’ll find it included in varying concentrations in so many bestselling fragrances that we decided to explore the wealth of different ways it’s utilised in the range of brands we stock.

Not only is ambroxan one of the most important active ingredients in ambergris (one of the most expensive and sought after natural materials used in perfumery) but it is also an ingredient that universally, almost everyone likes the smell of. In a blend ambroxan extends fleeting ingredients whilst also acting as an olfactive magnifying glass, glazing over top notes and making them shine whilst also rounding out the overall punch of a perfume.

We’ve included a 1% solution of pure ambroxan in your pack to help you identify the molecule’s wholly unique and projective properties.

The pack includes:

6x1,6 ml

The Orchid Man (Frapin)

Honestly The Orchid Man is a choice overdose of ambroxan. Could that fact be the real secret behind the fragrance’s runaway success?

Embers  (Rouge Bunny Rouge)

Embers is a dark and resinous fragrance that utilizes a sweet and balmy pink pepper note perfectly. The ambroxan helps lift the formulae with its tell tale salty twang.

Bendelirious  (Etat Libre d’Orange)

With listed notes like champagne and a cherry lollipop Benderlirious was never going to be a straightforward fragrance. Ambroxan gives it’s uniqueness (and it’s iris butter) a wanton lift.

Aube Pashmina (Huiteme Art)

Whilst it might smell quite sweet, aqueous and watery, Aube Pashmina owes a healthy portion of it’s hearty twang to the strength of ambroxan.

Floral Veil (Grossmith)

The sheer projection on Floral Veil is enough of a thing to note that it’s name is indeed, a very apt thing. But how did they achieve that level of punch? That's right my friend; Am-brox-an.

Still Life (Olfactive Studio)

Still Life is a great example of a perfume that uses ambroxan as a big component of its base (alongside cedarwood and rum) which showcases the molecule’s more woody properties wonderfully.


1 ml of 1% pure ambroxan solution