Luca Turin Loves Sample Pack

Scents reviewed by the best perfume critic
Luca Turin Loves Sample Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

Now available to non-subscribers, this pack contains samples of perfumes reviewed by our long-trusted ally, perfume writer Luca Turin, who’s recently reinvigorated writings on his Perfumes I Love blog.  

These perfumes are fantastic examples of fragrances created using incredibly sought after and unique ingredients. Between them they showcase a wealth of absolutes and natural materials including violet leaf absolute, jasmine sambac, champaca and Javan vetiver. 

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The pack contents (all 1 ml):

1. Aeon001 (Aeon)

2. Liquo (Angela Ciampagna)

3. Mito (EdP) (.vero.profumo.) 

4. Sultan Vetiver (Nishane)

5. Embers (Rouge Bunny Rouge)

6. Tindrer (Baruti)

7. Vi et Armis (Beaufort)

8. MAAI (Bogue)

9. Shem-el-Nassim (Grossmith)

Some quick maths: if purchased separately the total price for these 8 samples would be £49. This pack costs £21 (plus shipping). As part of the yearly subscription this same pack would have been only around £10 (with no shipping cost and 10% discount code for full size purchases). Whichever way you add it up, thats a bargain. 

Also we’re proud stockists of Luca Turin's and Tania Sanchez’s Perfumes: The A-Z Guide book, a tome we come back to time and time again to get re-inspired and energised by his words, so it makes perfect sense that our latest pack reflects a little of his learned tastes.