Beach Memories and Salty Breeze Pack

Salt, algea, sunscreen and hot sand
 Beach Memories and Salty Breeze Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

This pack is an experiment on whether perfumes (and perfumers) have that power to transport you to a specific place and situation.

There is a very peculiar family of perfumes out there: marines. Rather than having a specific recipe or a particular set of notes they all promise to remind you of the sea, holidays and sandy toes.

Perfumers blend these evocative perfumes with real marine materials such as algae extracts and ambergris (or its replicas) or use materials that can smell like sun lotion (tiare flower)  or dusty mineral like pebbles. Finally there’s a whole set of synthetic compounds labeled “sea breeze” available to modern perfumers.

In the pack:

Costarela (Carner)

Entre Ciel et Mer (Parfumerie Generale Cruise Collection)

Falling into the Sea (Imaginary Authors)

Sea Foam (Art de Parfum)

Freedom (Aqualis)

Sable et Soleil (Phaedon)

PG27 Limanakia (Parfumerie Generale)

Rivages Noir (Parfumerie Generale Cruise Collection)

Fathom V (Beaufort)

PG16.1Bois Naufrage  ((Parfumerie Generale)