Sacred Resins: Frankincense and Myrrh

Sacred Resins: Frankincense and Myrrh by Bloom Sample Packs

With this selection we invite you into the solemn world of sacred resins: myrrh and frankincense. Used in spiritual practices since the ancient kingdoms of Egypt and later the gifts chosen by the Magi kings these materials get interpreted by perfumers in 2 quite distinct ways. They either refer to the ancient origins of the resins and try to create woody oriental perfumes reminiscent of hot and dry air of sub Saharan Africa, or they reference Christianity and create “churchy” incensy perfumes. We covered all styles in the selection.

The pack also includes specimens of myrrh and frankincense so you can admire the beauty of the materials on their own before smelling them as part of a formula. 

 In the pack:

1. Osang (Talismans)

2. Oliban (Phaedon)

3. Camel (Zoologist)

4. Myrrhiad (Huiteme Art)

5. Autoportrait (Olfactive Studio)

6. Marlow (Jardins d’Ecrivains)

7. PG 22 Djhenne (Parfumerie Generale)

+ specimen of myrrh resin

+specimen of frankincense