The Magi Ingredients: Myrrh&Gold

Ancient Perfume


The Magi Ingredients: Myrrh&Gold   by Bloom Sample Packs

Explore precious notes of myrrh & gold with this sample pack.

Myrrh a resin produced by Commiphora genus of trees native the Middle East has been used since the Ancient Egypt times, and was indeed one of the 3 precious gifts bestowed upon baby Jesus by the three wise magi. 

The perfumes in the pack either contain myrrh or have simalar warm, balmy and resinous olfactive profile.

Myrrhiad (Huitiéme Art): try for a contemporary interpretation of myrrh which is blended with a myriad of licorice and black tea.

Bois de Copaïba (Parfumerie Générale): a baroque interpretation of myrrh, this is a perfect festive scent with notes of myrrh, amaretto and candied orange. 

 Like This (Etat Libre d'Orange): although it doesn't contain myrrh, Like This exudes same warmth with sweet golden & spiced notes of pumpkin and immortelle. 

Saffron Rose (Grossmith): myrrh here is used to enhance the spicy character of  the fruity rich heart of the fragrance. 

Cendres de Thé (Phaedon): a beautiful smoky rose paired with cardamom, musk and myrrh.

PG22 Djhenné (Parfumerie Générale): inspired by the eponymous Malian city Djhenné is a suave sweet take on lavender, with cocoa bean and myrrh. 


The pack contains the following samples (6 x 1 ml):

1 Myrrhiad (Huitiéme Art)

2 Bois de Copaïba (Parfumerie Générale)

3 Like This (Etat Libre d'Orange)

 4 Saffron Rose (Grossmith)

5 Cendres de Thé (Phaedon)

6 PG22 Djhenné (Parfumerie Générale)