Solar 1

".. the darkest, smokiest..."
Notes allspice cocoa ginger labdanum musk osmanthus

Inspiration: neo soul, funk, soul, R&B, gospel.

Like all of the Jazmin Sarai range Solar’1 is inspired by a particular song and to that end D’Angelo’s ‘Africa’ smells like a musky, animalic leather bolstered by notes of ginger and osmanthus. There’s a subtle cocoa note that creeps into the heart of the fragrance, playing with the allspice and the ginger to create truly unique accord that is both spice and sweet.

D'Angelo's Africa on YouTube


(!) Now comes in a super cute travel-friendly 10ml vial too.


Persolaise on Solar 1
"Full of the sorts of resins and unguents one could imagine in the air at an Egyptian embalming ceremony, Solar'1 dances to the sound of an ancient drum, whirling the darkest, smokiest elements of labdanum, cocoa, osmanthus and castoreum into a moonlit brew."

""Probably the most old-school release on this list, it whips up a bold cocktail of osmanthus, coffee and leather... and just sits back and waits for hearts to melt." 

Fragrantica on Solar '1. "In short: it glows"


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