A peek into the pre-synthetic era of fragrance

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A peek into the pre-synthetic era of fragrance: Tobacco Tuberose by Anna Zworykina. Any perfume connoisseur at some point becomes curious about the fabled iconic perfumes of the past. Anna’s olfactive experiences will give you a perfect impression of those legendary styles from the times when perfumers had to rely on natural materials and animalic bases. You have to appreciate that the original Chanel No 5 formulation included almost a quarter of castoreum and deer musk. Tobacco Tuberose is an experiment to illustrate what a glamorous diva in an open back silk evening gown might have used.

Ingredients: Artemisia absinthium essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Tuberose absolute, Lavender abs, Rose de may absolute, Rosa gallica essential oil, Agarwood essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Orris CO2 extract, Castoreum tinctura, Acacia farnesiana essential oil, Tabacco absolute, Jasmine sambac absolute, Cistus essential oil, Ambrette CO2 extract, Angelica root absolute

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