Tobacco Tuberose

Intoxicating Ardent Tuberose
Vintage/old school
Notes absinthe angelica root centifolia rose frankincense iris butter labdanum oud rose de Mai sandalwood tobacco tuberose absolute violet leaf absolute wormwood

Tobacco Tuberose - a leather floral perfume. Green bitterness, milky-white flowers in a half-light of a library, soft clouds of tobacco smoke, cozy leather chairs, silence and comfort.

It is tobacco which surely leads in this duet. Warm and rich, the fragrance opens with bitter, slightly metallic green notes of violet leaves, they unfurl into dim old library cabinet. The cabinet is full of curling aromatic flows of pipe tobacco smoke.  Then leather appears, warm and tactile, and then a sudden gust of wind brings a heady, almost narcotic smell from a tall elegant bouquet of tuberoses.  Try it on, find out who will lead for you – white flowers or tobacco-leather

Anna advises to choose chilly dull weather to wear this perfume – it warms and comforts in a most subtle and pleasant way.

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