Just in: Athanor by Mendittorosa

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Just in: Athanor by Mendittorosa, who in their unique alchemic way try to explore the metaphysics of the universe through perfume formulas. Anthanor is a rich incense perfume with an unusual sulfur streak and a tiny piece of gold at the bottom of the bottle. The perfumer is scented incarnation of the 50th hexagon from the ancient Chinese Book of Change. 50/“Ting”, the alchemic athanor or cauldron – a symbol of change within, the man being the crucible in which new energies come about from various ingredients transforming and merging.

Top notes: cassis, saffron, sulphur

Heart notes: cypriol, incense, orris (iris root), smoke

Base notes: amber, cashmeran, gaïac wood, vetiver

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