Just in: Eshu by Prin.

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Just in: Eshu by Prin. Eshu - a trickster god from ancient myths of the African Yoruba people. Like the Scandinavian Loki or the Greek Hermes, Eshu is a diligent messenger between gods and humans, but up to all sorts of mischief in his free time. A perfume story reflecting such a character would naturally be an incense blend, the language every god in all pantheons seem to understand. Incense is a popular theme, explored by many perfumers. However, Eshu is no ordinary incense perfume. It is an endless ascent through smoke. It starts with smoky, corporeal castoreum, nuances of old whiskey barrels, ambery Atlas cedarwood, then gradually gets more exalted and spectral, inviting you into a winding perfume maze of spices and resins.

Notes: ash, black pepper, castoreum, cognac, copaiba, elemi, frankincense, hay, leather, oakmoss, smoke, tobacco

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