Just in: Homa by PRIN.

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Just in: Homa by PRIN. Homa is Sanskrit for a sacred fire/incense ritual when fumes are granting healing, lighten the spirits and drive negative karma away. Each religion, land and culture have their own incense recipes.Homa involves fragrant medicinal herbs being offered to fire and deities. The eponymous perfume is a dark layered incantation of winding aromas of spices, intoxicating flowers and an extreme number of animalic notes: goat hair, hyraceum fossil, costus (a plant, but with a strong barnyard vibe), Indian and Laotian ouds, plus there is the corporeal warmth of myrrh, beeswax and a civet accord. The effect of these notes mix on someone senses is bizarre, as if a portal opens into the world of shadows and immaterial.

Notes: ash, beeswax, civet, costus, ghee, goat hair, hyraceum, incense, jatamansi, kaffir lime, Laos oud, myrrh, oud

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