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In the realm of fragrance, British perfumery emerges as a tapestry woven from the land with integrity and innovation. From ancient Roman influences and their use of fragrant plants to scent baths and keep the plague at bay, to the Catholic ceremonial incense that carried prayers to God. Onwards to the opulent courts of Elizabethan and Victorian England which saw scent become a cosmetic luxury. Today, a blend of tradition and modernity defines British perfume, a timeless source of olfactory artistry, more than a simple blend of flowers, oils and aromatics but a projection of the Great British spirit and renowned craftsmanship.

This edit is Bloom’s tribute to the art of British perfumery, a collection of our most beloved brands from the land of hope and glory. Perhaps the most iconic is Floris, a heritage brand with a Royal Warrant and fans from Winston Churchill to Marylin Monroe. While Beaufort, known for their bold, evocative and often unconventional compositions, transport you back in time taking inspiration from British nautical histroy and literary masterpieces. Ormonde Jayne melds quintessential British artistry, contemporary design, and exotic essences harnessing the vibrancy and cosmopolitan spirit of London. Stepping into the age of small-batch perfumery, Foras offers snapshots of nature with a focus on experimental creations formulated with care and attention to detail. And the latest brand to Bloom, Ortir Apothecari, from the wild west of Wales capturing the essence of a country steeped in botanicals, bringing us the seasons and the joy of the unique Welsh landscape.

These are the British perfume brands making life smell good.

Lignum Vitae Beaufort Time for tea and lemon drizzle cake

A complex blend bringing a sweet fresh spicy tone; redolent of a twilight stroll on a balmy summer night in Soho. The diffusion is a provocative gourmand citrus but with an edge by way of sea salt, oud and frankincense. A trio of lemon, lime and mandarin shines against a sugary cake accord to delectable effect.

No. 007 Floris The gentlemen spy

Distilled from 60 years of Bond on film weaving together an aromatic story of juniper berry, Italian bergamot, amber rum and Scottish oakmoss. These uplifting notes are balanced with the delicate addition of an English rose pairing perfectly with dry, woody tones. Smoky dianthus carnation reflects the elegant ambience of the St. James. A celebration of Britain's most infamous hero by Britain's oldest perfume house.

St. Paul's Exaltatum Incense and blooming bitter orange trees

A baroque incense perfume in which grey stones infused with centuries of incense burning mix with the fleeting beauty of fresh orange blossom.

Arabesque Ormonde Jayne The Middle East meets Mayfair

As artful, luxurious and elegant as some of the grandest streets of London. Golden amber mingles with black pepper, saffron and oud to mesmerizing effect. A harmonious balance is then struck by rich urban florals from jasmine to rose. The effect is captivating and refined.

Folkestone Green Foras The coast of Roman Britain

From the garden of England, luscious greens roll out before you, the blue of the sea reflects on your skin, a swirling mix of green herbs, fresh air and good times. With bright basil, gentle florals of lavender and jasmine on a foundation of amber and oakmoss. Sensational.

Aer Ortir Apothecari Woodland air

Floral lavender and clean cool peppermint conjures a woodland shire. A combination of orange and rose uplifts like rays of sunlight through Welsh bracken. Cedarwood melts in the background offering a dry tone and the imagined woodland litter note transports you to the dew and earth around a left behind picnic. Enchanting.