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The cherry trend in perfumery is undeniable, but what's driving this cherry craze? There are several factors at play. Firstly, novelty is always a driving force behind fragrance trends, so it is unsurprising that there's a demand for the distinct, familiar, and edible quality of cherries. Secondly, perfumers continually seek to push the boundaries of scent, so exploring the diverse potential of such fantasy-infused aroma chemicals is understandable. Lastly, what can be better than the nostalgic notes of a cherry fragrance that conjure carefree, playful memories of times gone by?

While cherries themselves have a distinctive scent, it's not possible to extract the exact aroma directly from the fruit. The volatile compounds responsible for the fragrance of cherries are complex and delicate, making it difficult to capture and preserve the scent through traditional extraction methods. Instead, perfumers carefully select and blend aromachemicals, both natural and synthetic, to create the desired cherry accords. Ingredients like acetophenone, benzaldehyde, and fruity/floral components are commonly used. These are molecules replicate the aromas of the cherry cakes, drinks, and glacé cherries we find so sweet, tart, and delicious to eat.

Here at Bloom, we've cherry-picked our favourites that hopefully harness that mercurial nature of this fruit. From the nostalgic, juicy, and vibrant interpretations to the more seductive, woody, and dark creations, the irresistible allure of cherry-scented perfumes brings a world of indulgence—a sensory experience that is playfully charming and fragrantly delightful.

Explore this edit and immerse yourself in the charming world of cherries.

Mad About You Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Ahead of its time

One of the first cherry perfumes created well before this recent cherry craze. The creative blend produces a full-flavoured and sophisticated cherry once combined with black tea and musk. A multifaceted smokey fruity cherry that is undeniably romantic.


Like being hit with cherry bomb; sumptuous and delectable. This focused cherry will not only get you noticed it will get you talked about. Sweet gourmand with a hint of floral leather makes this one indecent but delicious cherry perfume.

Cherry Passion Sly John's Lab Pop your cherry and bloom

Waves of sweet syrupy cherries blended with almonds and strawberries create a nostalgic floral sweetness. The impression is youthful and decadent with sophisticated sandalwood and tempting vanilla. Wear this and get passionate!

Cherry Amaretto Strangers Parfumerie Cherry on top with a side of almonds

Beautifully crafted cherries and almonds conjure a sunset cocktail on warmed terrace. A tantalizing fragrance with rich white chocolate and tonka with a splash of refreshing red apple juice. Irresistible in its joyfulness.

Close-Up Olfactive Studio Drunken cherries and tobacco

Deep and seductively gourmand, here the cherry holds a surprisingly woody intensity with a soft dose of patchouli. A velvety and cosy vibe is carefully blended in with amber. The picture is a contemporary, refined cool cherry diffusion.

Sakura Ormonde Jayne Waltzing cherry blossom

Delicate cherry blossom and powdery violets. A burst of lime and mandarin with a touch of pink pepper adds a refreshing twist, while creamy vanilla brings warmth and comfort. A confident scent for those who appreciate understated beauty.