Dare-to-wear perfumes - Halloween 2023 special! theme

You can order all perfumes featured in this theme as a pack of samples.

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Back by popular demand and just in time for Halloween our Dare-to-Wear pack is here! This updated selection will challenge you to step out of your fragrant comfort zones.

In true Bloom style this pack serves up the radical and the excellent; where you can indulge in a different experience rather than just smell nice. Maybe try a rose if it’s not your bag. Experiment with sweetness if it usually turns you off. Embrace the chance to explore a gender-neutral perfume perspective, play with the feminine and masculine and buck the “normal” trends.

To enjoy niche perfumery is to appreciate the truly creative boundary pushing potential of perfume. This pack does just that. With perfumes that, for some, might be too smoky, too old school, too floral, too animalic or simply too much! But why not test your limits? You might like it…

What is pleasant to one person might stink to another. Perfume is subjective, that’s why it’s so fun! Yet this pack includes the perfumes we’ve found raise the most eyebrows, wrinkle the most noses and draw the biggest smiles.

In the spirit of Halloween, face your fears and escape the mundane with these carefully selected samples. We dare you...


An androgynous perfume of sweet contradictions. Lactonic and woody, fruity but clean, mellow but bright. Let the strange and unsettling combo of cocoa, rose and almond milk accord envelope you. Like using a bar of chocolate soap you’ll feel - clean but strange.

Goat Wolf Brothers Rampantly animalic

Conjuring the beastliness of the indomitable goat as it marches in the mountain air. The dirty, bestial side of the creature is felt through goat's milk, costus and oud. Earthy and empowering.

Meek Passion MINT Demonic banana

A gourmand mix of pineapples, apples and bananas and spiced up by cloves and cinnamon like a tropical fruit punch. While woody layers of patchouli and vetiver make it innocent to its vulgarity. A perfume that pushes the boundaries of edible and sweet.

T-Rex Zoologist Extraordinarily smoky

Ever wondered what Jurassic Park smelt like? Well here’s your answer! Waves of smoke, indolic florals and resins. Prowling civet and heady rose and jasmine are enriched with potent incense and darkened with leather and softened by vanilla. This is one big bang of a perfume.

Monopteros Der Duft Outlandish

Conjuring the metallic tones of rust and blood by way of rose, cucumber and aldehydes with curious layers of coffee, coconut and black pepper. This is a full on fizzy sweet feast of a fragrance. And it might just tip you over the edge!

Heart of Alma-Ata Aura of Kazakhstan Be an oddball

Prepare for sweet ambiguity with apple candy and a boozy, woody undertone. This one is fruity but leathered, mellow but bright. A confusing electric feel is created by way of forest berries, cocoa, black tea and musk. It conjures the atmosphere of a sweet factory - where the confectionary dust mingles with the tangy air of machinery.

Orlo Mendittorosa A sensual beast

Created to evoke a magic fiery serpent, breathing intoxicating fumes. Such an over-the-top tale is matched by layers upon layers of fragrant and rich materials. From saffron to heavy leathers this is a perfume that might overpower. As its Italian name suggests - it might just tip you over the edge!

Mushroom Forest Foras Mystical mycelium

Extrait Blanc Elisire Extreme sweet