La Vie en Rose theme

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An anthology of beautiful roses, their natural varieties and fantastic roses invented by perfumers to rival those of Nature’s. This edit covers formulas in which Damask, Bulgarian, French centifolia, and Turkish roses play an important part. There are also examples of the use of materials and molecules that sometimes play the rose’s part or amplify it in an interesting way (rose geranium or clever molecules with names such as 2-phenyethyl alcohol for example).

PG13 Brulure de Rose Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Fantasy rose (perfumer imagining a flower that nature hasn't created)

A fantastic rose: perfumers, being the artists of scents often invent a note instead of using natural materials if none of the naturals fit their vision. In Brulure de Rose (melting rose), some molecules have been carefully arranged to give you an impression of the life of a rose, from a green bud to rose at full bloom slowly melting into melancholy non-existence.

Cendres de Thé Phaedon Paris A drop of Turkish rose

The name can be translated as ashes of tea and with no natural tea used in the perfume it’s a theater. Turkish rose and myrrh represent the deepest and darkest balsamic nuances, cedar and pepper are the tangy woody middle shades of tea and cardamom and camphor are the tonifying top notes.

Megalium CARNER Bulgarian rose

Rose in Megalium is very much part of the story, Megalium being special incense burned in the richest households of Ancient Rome, this incense would be mixing with the aromas of rose fountains and that complex olfactive luxury was indeed a sign of status. Carner as a house seem to favor Bulgarian rose, which is a tender, musky smell and use it in many other formulas.

Sirio Mendittorosa Centifolia rose

It’s a woody oriental rose perfume and the themes are arranged in that particular order. You will smell precious resins and oud a lot in this formula and behind that arabesque screen of exotic woods you will occasionally get a glimpse of the opulent boozy centifolia rose.

ELLA Arquiste Turkish rose/ Rose as an essential part of a chypre recipe

Ella is a classic leather chypre, the recipe of which requires a big rose in the heart of the perfume. A darker ambery Turkish rose was chosen to correspond to the animalic background stitched from ambergris, honey, civet and angelica. Venus in Furs, but told with perfume notes.

Sopoudrage J.U.S Try for rose oxide

30 Years Special edition Aura of Kazakhstan Rose styled in a lavish oriental way

Rose de Mai Perris Monte Carlo French rose and rose geranium

Nerosa Laboratorio Olfattivo A sensual chypre