Rose and Percious Resins
Top Notes calamu cinnamon cinnamon tree leaves mandarin
Heart Bulgarian rose nutmeg pimento pepper white pepper
Base Notes frankincense myrrh olibanum resin opoponax styrax

Megalium, an ancient fragrance passed down through the ages, from a time when rose water flowed from fountains and balsams perfumed the lavish private lives of the Romans from their bathing rituals to their chambers and boudoirs.

Soft yet spicy notes of cinnamon and calamus blend with a redolent heart of pimiento berry and Bulgarian rose extract, drying down to a dramatic finish of myrrh and frankincense.

Origins of the materials: 

Top notes

Royal cinnamon essence from Laos
Cinnamon tree leaves from Sri Lanka
mandarin extract
calamus essence from India

Heart notes

nutmeg essence from Moluccas
Indonesan pimento pepper essence
Indian white pepper absolute
Bulgarian rose extract

Base notes

olibanum (frankincense) extract from Somalia
Ethiopian myrrh extract
Yemení opoponax extract
Styrax resin

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