Vanilla et Co: Anthology of Sweet in Perfume theme

You can order all perfumes featured in this theme as a pack of samples.

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This edit explores the use of vanilla, its alternatives and sweet materials closely related to it.

The natural delicious irresistible and proper aphrodisiac vanilla comes from cured pods of a tropical orchid which grows in the wild or is cultivated in Mexico, Tahiti, Madagascar, Indonesia and Bourbon Islands. It’s a rare, capricious plant and it’s all done by hand when it comes to pollination, harvesting and curing. The food industry (Coca-Cola, believe it or not, and premium ice-cream producers) scoop most of the crop and perfumers are not left with much.

So it’s so much easier to use vanillin, and other chemicals which naturally occur in vanilla (heliotropin which smells of Play-Doh, and coumarin which smells of marzipan with a hay-licorice nuance) with a sprinkle of ethyl maltol and similar compounds (which smell like caramelized sugar).

 So when you see “vanilla” in the list of notes it can be anything of the above, and often a combination.

To make sense of it all we have put together an edit explaining what could be that sweet shade in the perfume and made it available as a sample pack complete with samples of raw materials.

Civet Zoologist Vanillin

Superfusion J.U.S Heliotropin

Telegrama Imaginary Authors Sweet hay coumarine nuance

Try for the soft green melancoly of coumarine, a molecule that gives hay, dry herbs and tonka beans their bitter sweet aroma.

Lignum Vitae Beaufort Ethyl Maltol