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In this edit we are sharing perfumes which have been most popular with Bloom’s customers in 2021.

What makes a bestseller? It seems that a recipe for a popular fragrance needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone and yet it needs to have a novel nuance. It could be a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention, or it could be the extraordinary quality of some material in the formula. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price.

Some perfumes in this edit have held their champion status for a few years now: the clean musk blend, a stunning rose and the show-stopping gourmand leather. The new entries include a dreamy Mediterranean fig (an eternally popular theme); as well as a beautiful classic which has been around for over a century.

However, as it was mentioned in a recent installment of The Crown ladies naturally wanted to know what it smelled like and found it beautiful.

PG4.1 Le Musc & La Peau Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Clean is the new sexy

It’s a fact now: clean is the new sexy. PG4.1 is an absolute masterpiece in clean abstract musks. Engineered by humans, macrolytic musks are not found in fruit, plants, food and soon, so when we smell them our imagination is delightfully stimulated and one can imagine any story in these voluminous musky formulas. Perhaps this could be the appeal of PG4.1. It’s ultramodern, intriguing and open to interpretation. Another feature that makes it special is the sheer number of musk varieties that the perfumer combined in one extraordinary formula.

Quelques Fleurs L'Original Houbigant A princess’ floral

A curious incident, a perfume that has been around for over a century, suddenly becomes phenomenally popular! After some investigating we discovered it was featured in the latest season of The Crown. Naturally, ladies wanted to know what it smelled like, and this soft, powdery, bouquet of a perfume was an instant hit. No wonder Princess Diana loved it.

Beso Pasión Beso Beach Carefree summer elixir

This perfume is like a carefree summer elixir with a fig orchard nuance. The delicious fig leaf note has been explored in quite a few formulas but what makes Beso Pasión special is how convincing it is executed; the figs don’t sit on their own but are beautifully accompanied by spices, woods and notes of marine.

103 Bon Parfumeur A versatile white floral

A winner in the “floral but not sweet” nomination. 103 has a gentle and distinctly floral character. However, the balance of the formula is ideally non sweet: green neroli counteracts jasmine and bergamot tones down tropical frangipani.

I am Trash | Les Fleurs du Dechet Etat Libre d'Orange Endorsed by a star, but first cleverly beautiful

Habanita Molinard A gorgeous iconic classic

Ambré Lumière Molinard Glamorous rich amber

Sirena Floris A seductive white floral/party dress accessory