I am Trash | Les Fleurs du Dechet

Pretty trash... sweet
Notes akigalawood apple Atlas cedar iso-e-super rose absolute sandalore

Perfumer: Daniela Andrier (Givaudan)

All listed notes were subjected to an upcycling extraction process. What previously would be discarded was distilled again.

Pulp olfaction: waste not, discover new smells.

According to ELdO this is their Secretion Magnifiques which grew up and use the power of shock and eccentricity to draw attention to really important matters: environment and ethical consumption.

Upcycled or zero-waste notes in I am trash: rose neo-absolute, apple essense, Atlas cedarwood, sandalore, akigalawood, iso-e-super...

The resulting fragrance is a very pleasant perfume abstraction in which fruity vibes meet gently floral hints before going transparent woody. But still beware of Etat Libre d’Orange also mischievously revisiting the salty messy splutter of Secretions Magnifiques now and then in this formula.


The Sniff on I am Trash by Etat Libre d'Orange: "[it] opens with the most beautiful and realistic apple note and it’s an utter delight. This apple smells really ripe, outdoorsy and fresh. When smelling it we were immediately transported to an allotment, picking up windfalls which are a bit battered and bruised in places but still mostly fine. I Am Trash smells like real apples resplendent with imperfections, rather than the perfect, sterile, waxy cold-storage apples you can buy in supermarkets which barely smell of anything at all." Read the complete review. 

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