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In this edit we are sharing perfumes which have been most popular with Bloom’s customers in 2021.

What makes a bestseller? It seems that a recipe for a popular fragrance needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone and yet it needs to have a novel nuance. It could be a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention, or it could be the extraordinary quality of some material in the formula. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price.

Most entries in this year’s list of bestseller are new. But there is a set of styles which will be forever popular: colognes, herbaceous clean fougeres, some adventurous smoky options and versatile clean woody perfumes.

T-Rex Zoologist Worth the hype

Despite the price, despite the crazy intensity and smoke, this beast is holding its throne as the smoky leather bestseller. It’s one of a kind.

Tabac Rouge Phaedon Paris Cozy but sexy

Wicked John Strangers Parfumerie Fougere for an elegant assassin

Elegantly adventurous, Wicked John has a smoky nuance of gunpowder layered over a familiar fougere structure.

Saint Julep Imaginary Authors Sweet and handsome

Saint Julep is sweet and handsome. It’s a diffusive delicious blend corresponding to a certain popular style of men’s perfumes started by Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge.

Iron Duke Beaufort A rich romantic leather

Une Amourette Etat Libre d'Orange Humbly brilliant

Compared to T-Rex this perfume is a much more versatile variation of the smoky leather theme. It’s humbly brilliant in its technical perfection and balanced elegance.

PG02 Cozé Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale An intoxicatingly good tobacco perfume

Silvestre Lavender Bravanariz Fresh on skin, gentle on wallet

The success of this cologne partly comes from its refreshing formula and partly from the fact that it’s really gentle on wallet. Silvestre Lavender supersedes Silvestre (a bestseller from 2020). The 2021 version is somehow heavier on sweet oranges and this feature made it more popular than the original Silvestre. Otherwise it’s still a beautiful refreshing blend of herbs, citruses and evergreens.